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Pet Grooming Services in Houston

Pamper Your Pet with a Spa Day

An important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy is keeping them clean. You can trust the Houston team at Bellaire-Richmond Pet Hospital to take care of your pet’s hygienic needs with the same amount of care and devotion as we do with your pet’s medical needs.

Grooming services at Bellaire-Richmond Pet Hospital include:

  • Bathing (regular and medicated)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Fur trimming
  • Nail trimming
  • Anal gland expression (at an additional charge)

Each of our grooming services are performed by a caring and compassionate professional here in our animal hospital. Our groomer is only here Wednesday and Thursday.

If you’re interested in pet grooming at Bellaire-Richmond Pet Hospital, please give us a call at (713) 322-4950 or contact us online.

Bathing: Regular & Medicated

Treat your pet to a spa day (and give yourself a break)! We offer regular bathing services at Bellaire-Richmond Pet Hospital. We know that bathing your pets at home can be difficult and messy. We’re here to help you get your pets squeaky clean. Keeping your pet’s fur and skin groomed is a great way to keep their skin and coat healthy.

We also offer medicated baths for your pets that are experiencing conditions like allergies, dermatological issues, or flea infestations. Medicated baths are administered by a member of our Houston veterinary team to ensure that they are getting thoroughly treated.

Nail Trimming

Like bathing your pet at home, trimming your pet’s nails can be difficult. If you’re not used to doing this yourself, you can also inadvertently hurt them by trimming their nails too short. Leave it to the experts at Bellaire-Richmond Pet Hospital! We can trim your pet’s nails for you as part of our grooming services. Regular nail trimming is important to keep them from getting ingrown nails. We are also able to give you tips on best practices at home! Just ask for help next time you bring your pet in to our clinic.

Anal Gland Expression

Anal glands are a special gland in dogs and cats that produce a liquid substance that smells fishy. It is typically emptied during a bowel movement when functioning correctly. However, if the gland doesn’t empty for any reason, the liquid inside can thicken or become impacted. This can lead to discomfort and, ultimately, infection.

If your pet is experiencing pain while they attempt to have a bowel movement, it is possible they are having trouble expressing their anal glands. Another symptom to watch for is if your pet is rubbing or dragging their behind across the ground. At Bellaire-Richmond Pet Hospital, we can help. Our Houston veterinarians can express your pet’s anal glands and examine their function.

Is your pet due for a spa day? Give us a call at (713) 322-4950 or contact us online to schedule a grooming appointment.  

Happy, Healthy Pets

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  • Everyone Was Friendly & Kind

    “The new hospital is beautiful and there’s so much more space for our over-sized doggies. Everyone was friendly and kind…really helped our Pinky get over being so scared about the examination process. Great Job, everyone!”

    - Nina
  • Extremely Polite & Friendly

    “I love your new digs! I especially like that all the beautiful photos on the walls are of the staff’s own pets. Everyone here is extremely polite and friendly and genuinely loves animals. Thank you!!!”

    - Pam
  • Knowledgeable & Courteous

    “We have taken our dogs to Bellaire Richmond Animal Hospital for 20 some years. First our Amy and now our Lexi. We find that we always receive professional and courteous care. The staff and the veterinarians are always knowledgeable and courteous.”

    - Vera
  • They Have Been Consistently Empathetic

    “Bellaire Richmond has been our vets since we moved to Houston in 1977. Yikes! That’s 40 years! They have been consistently empathetic and professional. It’s great to see the new vets continuing this tradition.”

    - Jill
  • Treat My Pets Compassionately

    “I have used this clinic for many years. I am just as pleased with the new owners and staff as I was 40 years ago. The doctors always treat my pets compassionately and have had great success with their treatments.”

    - Ruby

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